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Given the current low level of interest rates, it can be lucrative to invest in tangible real estate over the short term or long term. Are you searching for a good investment opportunity or looking to reach the biggest target group possible? Ronald will take care of it for you, discreetly and efficiently.

Real estate agent Ronald Schoonenberg has a 30-year track record of achieving excellent results when advising clients on buying or selling investments in office space, industrial units, distribution/retail/residential properties and mixed-use properties. You can count on Ronald to find exactly the right property or high-return real estate portfolio for you. When considering real estate investments, we will go through the following steps together: 

  • Optimisation
  • Determination of strategy
  • Viewings
  • Negotiations
  • Signing of contracts
  • Delivery
  • Lunch or dinner

Let’s get to know one another

If you’re looking for an investment adviser to help you through the process from start to finish, then Yield Real Estate is the organisation you need. 

Neem vandaag nog contact op met Ronald Schoonenberg en ontdek wat hij voor u kan doen. 

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More services

01. Rental & Purchase

At Yield Real Estate you can count on guidance during the entire process, from start to finish. 

02. Rental & Sale

Proper preparation is essential when selling or renting commercial property

04. Consultancy

Ronald Schoonenberg is the ideal sparring partner and acts quickly and correctly when purchasing or renting a property.


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